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An interview with Mike Gale: introducing solo album Finger Bone From Swan Wing

Mike Gale is a prolific songwriter and collaborator, with one solo album just realised and another on the way.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Mike Gale-Finger Bone From Swan Wing cover
I catch up with prolific musician, writer and seaside dweller Mike Gale, Co-pilgrim frontman and now solo artist, with one album out and another on the way.

Why did you decide to release a solo album, and what have been the challenges and distractions?
I've always written a lot of songs, about 3 or 4 a week, but I didn't really record them unless it was time to do a Co-pilgrim album, so a lot of songs have been lost or forgotten about through the years. I started doing a duo called Pelotons just over a year ago with my friend Tina from Finland and needed a way to record songs to share with her which is when I bought a tascam 8 track recorder. I got to grips with it and have been recording everything I write since then. I was getting frustrated with the time it takes in between Co-pilgrim albums with all the promotion and build up etc and asked Darren from the label if I could just release a couple of low-key solo albums a year as well to keep me busy. I don't really get distracted by anything, my days are… read more

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