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Art of discovery: An interview with illustrator Lynn Hatzius

Brimming with fascinating detail, Lynn Hatzius’ work is full of intriguing quirks and twists. We spoke with the illustrator, printmaker and collage-artist about the appeal of the uncanny, building contacts and ‘happy accidents’ in the creative process.

Written by Jessica Furseth

Cheryl Cole by Antaya Lendore
Wagner by Karina Yarv
Wagner by Karina Yarv.

Another year, visit another X Factor out of the way. I went through a period of not watching any telly at all, and oh how I used to poo poo this show, but somehow, in 2009 I got sucked in. It was the only break I used to allow myself as I was creating my first book Amelia's Anthology of Illustration - a bit of enjoyably vacuous pop culture on a plate. And it was then that I discovered the joy of X Factor watched with my twitter stream open. Trying to think of the bitchiest tweets as fast as possible has now become a bit of a national sport, and I thoroughly recommend you do both at the same time once the whole bloody thing rolls around again next year.

X-Factor_Dannii Minogue wearing J'Aton Couture by Krister Selin
X-Factor_Dannii Minogue wearing J'Aton Couture by Krister Selin

As for the final outcome? I couldn't stand Cher… read more

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