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Tom Vek introduces new album Luck: interview and review

Tom Vek returns with a brilliant new album that takes an upbeat and idiosyncratic look at modern life. Out now on Moshi Moshi records.

Written by Amelia Gregory

tom vek by gianluca

Tom Vek by Gianluca Floris.

I was super excited to discover that Tom Vek has completed his third album Luck, which came out a few weeks ago on Moshi Moshi Records. I knew Tom Vek many years ago, when his career had just launched at the indie label where my flatmate worked, and Amelia's Magazine had just begun - his music was part of the soundtrack to my life back then. Ten years later we are both still doing our thing, which is kind of nice to know. From the determined catchiness of Sherman (Animals in the Jungle) - which is accompanied by a deeply unsettling but brilliant video (below) - to the humour and bounce of The Tongue Avoids the Teeth, this new record is Tom Vek at his best: an album chock full of catchy songs featuring his trademark singsongy chat, all set against a backdrop of extravagant glitches. The lyrics may be inspired by the hardships and tribulations of modern life but the results are undeniably upbeat. I caught up with Tom to… read more

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