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Kickstarter: Support the GroCycle Urban Mushroom Farm

Support Adam Sayner and Eric Jong's GroCycle business, which grows gourmet mushrooms on Coffee Grounds.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Growing Colums - grocycle
Adam Sayner and Eric Jong are the guys behind GroCycle, a social enterprise that takes used coffee grounds and turns them into delicious gourmet oyster mushrooms! Just as their Exeter based business is taking off they have been forced to move premises, and to cover the costs they are running a Kickstarter campaign, with great rewards such as grow-your-own mushroom kits. Adam Sayner began his fascination with mushrooms whilst studying ecology at the University of Sussex and was growing mushrooms in the Devon area for a living when he met Eric Jong (who had recently left the corporate world) at Schumacher College.

GroCycle-Adam and Eric
When did you first come across the idea of growing mushrooms on used coffee grounds?
It was 2011 and I was growing gourmet mushrooms in… read more

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