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Meet Laura Wilson: Featured Artist from That Which We Do Not Understand

Artist Laura Wilson has an awesome attitude to art and life. Her brilliant Fortuna illustration is featured in my 10th anniversary book and is also available as a gold leaf print.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Laura Wilson is a recent graduate who runs a collaborative creative blog and illustrates for online feminist magazine Bitchtopia. She has a deep interest in neo-Paganism and ancient symbols of the divine feminine. Fortuna was inspired by the use of tarot cards for divination, and the Pagan triple Goddess of the Moon. ‘I wanted to depict the ways in which opening our minds to mystery can enhance our souls and enable us to embrace a fuller spiritual life. As a feminist, womanhood and matriarchal ideas have a big influence on my life and my art.

Laura Wilson-Do No Harm
Where did you source the imagery used in Fortuna, and what inspired your choice of what to include?
I was inspired by divination, particularly tarot cards, and had a look through my own deck for some ideas. The artwork on tarot cards is always so… read more

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