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First Aid Kit – Interview

Let First Aid Kit, Heal Your Soul

Written by Andy Devine


Since hearing First Aid Kits debut album The Big Black and The Blue we've been incredibly impressed with the sibling duo. The album is full of lush harmonies, visit this site moody melodies and lyrical narratives. I was able to catch up with Klara and Johanna before their gig at Rough Trade East. The girls were eating dinner at a curry house on Brick Lane with their father Benkt before the gig and I dropped in afterwards to ask them a few questions.

Andy Devine. How’re you finding England?

Klara. Oh we just got here but we’re already enjoying it. It’s like coming home because we spent so much time here last year when we were on tour.

AD. You have a three month tour coming up. Is that something you ever imagined doing when you first started recording songs?

Klara. I guess, we imagined it, but… read more

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