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Thoughts on the Falklands

Fear of a repeat of 1982 and all that misses the point, suggests the earth section, if oil comes to the Falklands, the real loser will surely be the islands’ environment…

Written by Adam Bollard


Let's get out of here: Do the penguins know something we don't?

You have to hand it to Desire Petroleum and Rockhopper Exploration, stomach choosing a rig named Ocean Guardian to carry out the much publicised second exploratory drilling off the coast of the Falkland Islands shows a great grasp of irony.

Much in the media over the last few days has been made of the diplomatic spat that’s broken out between the British and Argentine governments over who has the right to drill for oil off the islands, buy but that ignores the big issue in all this, ed surely - war is an enormously unlikely consequence; after the debacle that’s been Iraq and the ongoing Afghan conflict, UK politicians certainly have no taste for it… read more

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At War for the Whales: Part 2

A couple of weeks ago Amelia's published Part One of Wietse's fascinating account of his time onboard the Sea Shepherd, an anti whaling ship. The journey continues here...

Written by Wietse Van Der Werf

The Japanese harpoon ship, approved Shonan Maru No 2 appears behind the iceberg (photo credit: Barbara Veiga / Sea Shepherd) It has been an eventful couple of months at sea and […]