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An interview with photographer Laura Ward

Fly-on-the-wall documentary shots, dreamy landscapes and playful double-exposure snaps - South London photographer Laura Ward has an awe-inspiring portfolio. She talks to us about her collaborations, and why she always tries to push past the comfort zone.

Written by Jessica Furseth

Herbfarmacy by Antonia Parker.

We discovered Herbfarmacy in issue 9 of Amelia's Magazine, buy more about unhealthy and the brand has grown considerably since we last caught up with founder Dr. Paul Richards. Time to hook up with Alexandra, their new marketing guru.

When we first met you in 2008 you spoke of plans to build your brand, what has happened since then?
We have been very busy expanding our organic skincare range: growing new herbs, exploring and researching new products. Doing everything from seed to skin is quite a commitment and something of a labour of love. We have added at least ten new products to our original ten, which we sell in our 'neo-herbal apothecary' in Hay-on-Wye and on our… read more

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Natalia Calvocoressi: “I need a Spy Camera!”

"There is no point in being precious about photographs". Photographer and graphic designer Natalia Calvocoressi is an ever curious mind with a down-to-earth approach to her art. Contributor Louisa Lee interviews.

Written by Louisa Lee

All Photographs courtesy of Natalia Calvocoressi Louisa Lee: When and how did you first become interested in photography? Natalia Calvocoressi: I started to become interested in photography just before I […]