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João Melo Costa and Luís Buchinho: London Fashion Week S/S 2014 Catwalk Review

Portuguese designers João Melo Costa and Luís Buchinho staged a joint catwalk show at the Portuguese Embassy in Belgrave Square on Sunday 15th September 2013.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Jaoa Melo Costa S/S 2014 by Elisa Mac
João Melo Costa S/S 2014 by Elisa Mac.

It is becoming more and more common to find showcases for other countries on the catwalks during LFW, presumably because London is considered the pinnacle of creativity… if not sales. And then labels can return to their home countries and boast of their success in London, thereby impressing their local fans. Still, it's not cheap to bring a designer and their collection to these shores, which is why journalists are frequently invited over to cover fashion weeks in home lands (I was flown out to Poland for several seasons, and know many who do the rounds of European fashion weeks).

With this in mind it helps to have a bit of sponsorship at hand, which is clearly why two Portuguese designers were showing in the embassy headquarters at Belgrave Square. Since I always get excited about seeing inside a posh venue I jumped at the chance to attend: the paintings and champagne were lovely but unfortunately the lighting was petty dismal so… read more

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