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London Fashion Week A/W 2011: Illustrator Gareth does Menswear Day, part two!

Here's the second part of illustrator Gareth A Hopkins' experience at London Fashion Week's Menswear Day, featuring KTZ and Cassette Playa!

Written by Gareth A Hopkins

Dry The River, check sick shot exclusively by Tom Oldham

J.W. Anderson, pill photographed by Matt Bramford

It’s 8:45 on a cold wet Wednesday and I’m stalking the entrance to Somerset House, more about waiting for Matt Bramford to come and meet me for my first ever day of London Fashion Week, stuff which I’ve come to with a view to doing some live fashion illustration. I’m feeling surprisingly calm, considering how out of my depth I’m expecting to find myself. I put my serenity down to sleep deprivation, busying myself with not looking too out of place. At the point where the security… read more

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