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London Fashion Week A/W 2011: Illustrator Gareth does Menswear Day!

We took illustrator Gareth A Hopkins along to London Fashion Week's Menswear Day to get involved with some live fashion illustration. Here's his personal account of the morning!

Written by Gareth A Hopkins

Jayne Pierson A/W 2011 by Ellie Sutton
Jayne Pierson A/W 2011 by Ellie Sutton.

For Jayne Pierson I raced into town alone - yet another early morning show for which we only had one ticket, treat enticingly printed on pearly lilac-y grey paper. This despite a very nice mention of our support in the accompanying press release - thankyou! We did in fact catch up with Jayne just prior to her show, and you can read the interview here. The pearly lilac invite and goodie bag were not, however, an indicator of a colourful show but rather the favoured shade of lipstick. Kingdom of Shadows began on a black note and carried on in the same vein, broken up only by a curious grey and beige striped taffeta that is something of a Pierson signature but would not have looked out of place on curtains or a sofa in a certain type of house.

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Lazy Gramophone Press: The Book of Apertures

The Book of Apertures is the new release from arts collective Lazy Gramophone. Hannah Osborne attended the launch night.

Written by Hannah Osborne

All Images Courtesy of African Apparel After recieving African Apparel’s Freddie Mercury T-shirt for Christmas I became interested in the company. I liked the playful name and the artwork that […]


Shutting down Didcot Power Station

The post-protest reaction

Written by Eleanor Matthews

Zoe Paul graduated from Camberwell BA Sculpture earlier this summer. Whilst there Zoe participated in numerous shows from the group exhibition Factory at the James Taylor Gallery organised by Royal […]