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Rainbow Reservoir: City Bike video exclusive

Oxford based Angela Space releases her new EP 400 Imperfect Rhymes - we caught up to find out more about the surreal video for new single City Bike.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Rainbow Reservoir 400 imperfect rhymes
Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Angela Space works under the moniker Rainbow Reservoir, producing surreal tunes with poppy arrangements that only hint at her classical background and an alternative career teaching saxophone at the University of Southampton. Here she describes the making of the video for City Bike, which we have on the website as an exclusive. Enjoy!

City Bike was inspired by my first trip to Berlin. I had an entirely surreal couple days where people turned into other people with the same name, a monster drove a cab, and things came out of the darkness that were beautiful and unexpected and terrifying. The video was all shot in Berlin, mostly from a bike. It is supposed to give you that slightly mad feeling of a night out where you are just going wherever the bike, tram, or train takes you.

My second EP 400 Imperfect… read more

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