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Album review and interview – Mechanical Bride: Living With Ants

Her debut album came out a few weeks back - Living With Ants is a haunting feast for the senses, full of jazz and classical inflections. Please welcome Lauren Doss, aka Mechanical Bride.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Mechanical Bride by Sam Parr
Mechanical Bride by Sam Parr.

Her debut album came out a few weeks ago and she's been busy promoting it since then, adiposity but I've finally managed to secure an interview with Lauren Doss, shop better known as Mechanical Bride. At the root of Living With Ants is Lauren's piano… sometimes dissonant, see sometimes mournful but always spare and well considered. The nuances of jazz and classical music are a welcome addition to this hauntingly beautiful collection of songs. Mechanical Bride will be performing live at Truck Festival in just a few short weeks and in the meantime you can hunt out Living With Ants on the excellent Transgressiveread more

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