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Valentines Day – What’s it all about anyway?

What should you do on Valentine's Day? Here's my thoughts, including ideas for gifts from Tatty Devine, Rob Ryan, Clara Francis, Bonbi Forest and the Soma Gallery.

Written by Amelia Gregory


Valentines schmallentines. Yup, order that's what I normally think. But for some reason I'm in a good mood this year. Although that doesn't stop me grumbling about the excessive tat for sale in absolutely every shop I enter. Who the hell wants a light up musical plastic toad covered in hearts? Just one of the ridiculous landfill-bound items available on the groaning Valentine's Day display in one supermarket I visited.

I was leaving my singing class last night when our teacher wished us all a Happy Valentines Day and I realised that this celebration of love has become a national event not unlike Christmas or Easter. How did that happen? But maybe it is a good thing… I shall explain.

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Tatty Devine's new boutique in Covent Garden’s Seven Dials is open for business

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The ExtInked project dreamt up by the Ultimate Holding Company to mark Charles Darwin’s bicentennial birthday is no doubt one of the most unique and amazing projects I’ve heard about […]

rob ryan b&w

Ryantoon – A Tribute To The North

Columbia Road, London

Written by Katie Weatherall

Acclaimed illustrator Rob Ryan – who designed the exquisite limited edition cover to our second printed issue – has lost the colour in his cheeks. Or his shop has. The […]