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Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration launch party illustrations: meet Naomi Law

Naomi Law, also known as NimLawDraws, created wonderful images of Jessica Bumpus from Vogue, Fiona of Save Our Shoes, photographer Liz Johnson-Artur, Michelle Urvall Nyren, 6 Day Riot, and Amelia's Mag fashion editors Jonno Ovans, Matt Bramford and Sally Mumby-Croft. All from images taken at the ACOFI launch.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Jessica Bumpus of Vogue gets the Naomi Law treatment. Here's her blog in case you missed it previously.

Naomi Law has taken a rather circuitous route towards the land of fashion illustration. She left her graphics degree somewhat disillusioned, view came to London and quickly landed a job in e-commerce - it was only when our erstwhile fashion editor Matt Bramford prompted her to start drawing again that her love of fashion illustration was reawakened. Since then she's been scribbling away furiously on her wacom tablet - churning out the most amazing illustrations from a beautiful fusion of watery digital layers.

Fiona O'Grady of Save Our Shoes read more

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