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Squatting a school to reclaim it for the community

Community led action shaming the quick-fix money making council...

Written by Grace Beaumont

With our current fixation with everything 80s and 90s, tadalafil it’s easy to see why the 60s have become a little side-tracked, a little blasé, and so ‘a few’ years ago, when the shift dress silhouette was last in vogue. But what do we know, as a common consciousness, about the 60s anyway? Twiggy was hot, the Beatles were big and sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll were prevalent, right? But isn’t that a little bit one-dimensional and something we could have learnt from Austin Powers?

foale-and-tuffin-spotlightImage courtesy of Fashion & Textiles Museum

Fast forward to 2009 and to the Fashion and Textile Museum, who in their continual efforts to thrill and excite (as well as educate), are exhibiting a retrospective: read more

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