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Digitonal: Beautiful Broken – an interview with Andy Dobson

A very candid interview with Andrew Dobson, electronica pioneer.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Andy Dobson is Digitonal: a classically trained melodic electronic music pioneer. He is back with a brand new album called Beautiful Broken which is a gorgeous slice of cinematic electronica inspired by Steve Reich and the Orb.

Where did you originally train as a clarinettist and singer?
From childhood basically. I was surrounded by classical music from a very young age. My local church and primary school both had music at the heart of everything they did so it was just total immersion. I had piano lessons from about 6, clarinet lessons from 8 and was singing the treble solo in the Allegri Miserere at 10. I can't ever remember a time when it wasn't part of my life.

You have been making music as an electronic artist for nearly two decades, what has changed in your life over that time, and how have these changes informed your music making?
Too much really. It's quite a thing to look back on it. In practical terms, the shift from hardware to computers, and in particular Ableton Live, has had a huge impact on how I practically write music.… read more

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An interview with Pascal Pinon and review of new album Twosomeness

Meet 18 year old Icelandic twins Ásthildur and Jófriður: their new album Twosomeness is a gorgeous collection of ethereal harmonies.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Pascal Pinon by Bex Bourne. Following hot on the heels of Scandinavian sibling act First Aid Kit, comes the new album from Pascal Pinon, 18 year old Icelandic twins Ásthildur […]

Red Bull Music Academy: Steve Reich lecture Q&A from students

After he'd given a lecture to the students of the Red Bull Music Academy, Steve Reich took a series of questions from the floor; here are his answers. Illustration by Gemma Milly.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Illustration by Gemma Milly. Steve Reich gave a very inspiring lecture to the students of the 2010 Red Bull Music Academy (which you can read here). Afterwards he took a […]

Red Bull Music Academy: Steve Reich Lecture on Tuesday 16th February 2010

An edited transcript of the lecture given by Steve Reich at the Red Bull Music Academy on Tuesday 16th February, with illustrations by Gemma Milly.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Steve Reich by Gemma Milly Steve Reich by Gemma Milly. Steve Reich is a seriously cult figure for contemporary beats based music. Famed for his minimalist compositions from the 60s […]

Red Bull Music Academy and Daily Note newspaper come to London in 2010

The Red Bull Music Academy took place in Bermondsey, London between 7th February and 12th March in 2010. During this time thousands of Daily Note newspapers were distributed around the city. What was it all about?

Written by Amelia Gregory

laura marling i speak because i can photo live album review new second Sometimes I can imagine a Laura Marling height chart on my wall. I’ve seen her as just […]