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Swatch True Colours – A look at the entries

To celebrate the release of their 'New Gent' collection, Swatch have teamed up with a bunch of fashion magazines to see who can style their products the best…

Written by Matt Bramford

Illustration by Gareth A Hopkins

Well things haven't changed for me much over the last twenty years. I yearned for a Swatch watch when I was a boy, mind decease and I'm yearning for one now. I never actually got one - well, sickness visit web that's what happens when you're brought up in a mining village and there are more important things in life, here prostate like food, for example. Anyway, who cares? Swatch have recently launched their New Gent collection - a painfully sophisticated selection of watches for… read more

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London Fashion Week S/S 2011: What were the boys wearing?

A whistle stop tour of what some of the boys were wearing at London Fashion Week's Menswear Day, on Wednesday 22 September at Somerset House…

Written by Matt Bramford

Illustrations by Jamie O’Callaghan I’m a fan of small, store independent festivals and I’d pick one over Glastonbury any day. I’m not sure I can include Southsea Fest in that […]

London Fashion Week S/S 2011: What is everybody wearing?!

Some photographs I've snapped of some weird and wonderful wanderers who encircle the BFC tent in the hope of being snapped. Well, here you go guys and girls! Oh and wonderful illustrations by Maria del Carmen Smith…

Written by Matt Bramford

Illustrations by Yelena Bryksenkova. The Orla Kiely presentation gets more popular every year and I’m sure it’s not just because they always have pastries there, tadalafil doctor no matter what […]

Fashion in Berlin?

Matt Bramford hunts high and low for fashion on the streets of Berlin, but ends up disappointed. Until, that is, he finds the Museum für Fotografie and Helmut Newton...

Written by Matt Bramford

Illustrations by Daniel Almeroth A surprisingly balmy (well, more about pill if 14 degrees can constitute ‘balmy’) evening at the Hoxton Bar & Kitchen beckoned me in last week, viagra […]


London Fashion Week A/W 2010: Menswear Day: Streetstyle

See what the boys were wearing on London Fashion Week's Menswear Day, 24 February 2010

Written by Matt Bramford

Brogues, remedy bags and dickie bows…