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Laura J Martin single review: The Hangman Tree

Introducing new music PR Superelectric's first signing, the very talented multi-instrumentalist Laura J Martin.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Laura Martin
The Hangman Tree artwork by Jess Swainson.

This week I popped a single CD into my computer to copy it over to my hard drive, pilule as I do with every music CD that enters my house. And then I played said single - wondering if I'd heard the name, Laura J Martin anywhere else before. It looked a bit folky and seemed a bit familiar. You know, there's a lot of great Lauras doing the folky thang these days… Laura Marling of course, the under-rated country tinged songstress Laura Cantrell, the sweeter than sweet Laura Groves, of Bradford UK - and now there's Laura J Martin.

Laura J Martin

Laura does melodic folk backed by an array of classical instruments: flute, mandolin, harmonica, xylophone and more: most of which are played by her own fair hand and… read more

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