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Joe Worricker and his Finger-Waggers

New indie soul sensation Joe Worricker has just released his single Finger Waggers... and you can catch the accompanying video set in a Tupperware Party right here first.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Joe Worricker_by_Renato Pequito
Joe Worricker by Renato Pequito.

Joe Worricker was turned away from X Factor but that didn't prevent him from being snapped up by the coolest of labels Rough Trade. He's just released single Finger Waggers so I thought I'd catch up with him on twitter and find out what gets Joe ticking...

You've just released Finger Waggers. What's this song about and why the name?
I wrote Finger Waggers when my hair was so shockingly large people used to pull at it in clubs and take the piss. It's about the importance of self-love and not letting people tell you how to be. Each of us are only here for a short time and we should be whatever we want to be

What's the idea behind the video?
It's set at a tupperware party with posh ladies who are the finger-waggers. The director Lily Smith did a fantastic job, viagra order she has made it look amazing.


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