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The Owl Dancers – Porcelain Plates by Tiff McGinnis aka Grande Dame

Tiff McGinnis first came to my attention as Crazygirl, appearing in the first ever print issue of Amelia's Magazine. Now she's back with a grand new project combining music and art. And to celebrate the launch of Grande Dame she's produced a limited edition range of porcelain plates featuring Dancing Owls. Fab.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Who remembers the very first issue of Amelia's Magazine? Come on, store I know I only printed 1000 of the buggers but there's got to be a few people out there still hoarding a copy. They're worth a bob or two these days so I'd hold on to yours if you do have one.

All of this preamble is leading somewhere… because Tiff McGinnis featured in my very first issue under the guise of Crazygirl… since then she's been busy busy busy - on art and animation projects as well as music - and she's recently launched a limited edition porcelain plate which I just love. Meet the Dancing Owls…

Future Owl Dancer Plate Colourway
Future Owl Dancer Plate Colourway

Your artwork style is pretty inimitable... how have you ended up working this way? 
Thank You! I'm a self taught animator/ video director. I started making animated… read more

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