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Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration launch party illustrations: meet Antonia Parker

Antonia Parker, also known as Antonia Makes, sketched Laurel Harple of i-D, Heather Stanton of Dr.Hauschka, Amisha Ghadiali of Ecouterre, stylist Rebekah Roy, the Ballad Of girls, Becky of The Style Saint, Laura from Forward PR and Ronke Adeyemi of The Musings of Ondo Lady... fabulous stuff.

Written by Amelia Gregory

ACOFI Lily Vanilli cake by Andrea Peterson
ACOFI Lily Vanilli cake by Andrea Peterson.

Over the past few days a steady trickle of fabulous illustrations from the ACOFI launch night party have been flooding into my inbox… and I've been wondering how best to put them all together. In the absence of a better plan I have decided to plow through them alphabetically... So without further ado I present to you the wonderful artwork of Andrea Peterson, information pills who is responsible for the cover art of ACOFI. She travelled all the way from Arizona to be with us on the launch day and I think that everyone was absolutely awed by her ability to create beautiful images from just a few dabs of watercolour, diagnosis live, erectile in front of a huge crowd.

Here's her images: the lovely Alexandra Haddow who so kindly provided us with Pukka teas and helped out all afternoon. She is rather fittingly illustrated with tea cup in hand. You can read her write up of the event on read more

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