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Jeniferever launch their new album Silesia at The Lexington

Swedish post-rock band Jeniferever return with their third album Silesia, another wall of emotive sound but this time with added melody.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Jeniferever by Liam McMahon
Jeniferever by Liam McMahon.

It was never a good idea to make an effort to see a support band without first checking up on them. This I really should know after many years of gig going. But sometimes you just don't learn, help you know? So it was that I found myself facing the most excruciating half naked squall in the upstairs venue at The Lexington in Islington. I had rather presumed that as the support band for the Jeniferever Silesia album launch These Monsters might echo their soporific post rock nuances, prescription but their particular brand of 'Regressive Rock' could not have been more different. So I removed myself from the noise and waited in the downstairs pub until it was time to return for Jeniferever.

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