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Ben Schneider of Lord Huron describes the making of new video Time To Run

Indonesian spaghetti Western meets experimental West Coast pop? Hell yes, here's the new single from Lord Huron.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Lord Huron
I love Time To Run, the new single by LA based alt pop band Lord Huron: it's a big Appalachian infused pop melody accompanied by a wonderful spoof video of a bad 'spaghetti' Western (complete with indecipherable Indonesian subtitles) that was shot on a shoestring in the searing desert heat. Founder and front man Ben Schneider thoughtfully describes the making of the video below. Sounds like fun...

Working from source material, our concept was pretty clear from the beginning. We were really looking for a collaborator to bring the idea to life and enhance it without much of a budget. I’ve been friends with (director) Evan Weinerman for a couple of years. We share a lot of similar references and had talked about working together for a while so it seemed like a natural choice. I knew he was good at thinking creatively and stretching a budget. In general, I like working with people I know personally because we can speak freely and call each other’s bullshit without feeling awkward. It just makes the ideas flow easier.
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