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Pretty Rubbish: Interview with the eco-couture company, devoted to making bespoke items of recycled fashion

Victoria Geary and Rebecca Goddard - aka Toria and Beck; two countryside dwelling, entrepreneurial women, with enormous talent in making gorgeous, ethical clothes and accessories for both men and women. Meet Pretty Rubbish.

Written by Helen Martin


Illustration by Mina Bach

I went to university with Toria and Beck, purchase surrounded by the bright lights that are Cornwall county. I met them in a pub (jovial Jacobs), through my boyfriend when we started seeing each other. I thought they were beautiful woodland creatures as we all danced a merry jig in the pub that night. I quickly found them to be gorgeous people too. Fabulous times were had with the creative darlings, dancing around their house and discussing everything and nothing. They were always sporting splendid garments and accessories. As textile designers, fabric is of course a creative tool for them, but with Toria and Beck, their clothing also illustrates their personalities and innate creativity. They are SO talented. It was no surprise that they started a business together in Hereford after we graduated. They work inspiring others and making utterly stunning clothing, bespoke and awe-inspiring, for the ethical and beauty loving men and women of the world.

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