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Mediaeval Baebes, The Huntress double album: review and interview with founder Katharine Blake

Think you know Mediaeval Baebes? Well think again: if you look beyond the schtick there's some greatly enjoyable music to be found on this jam packed double album.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Mediaeval Baebes by Elisa Macdougall
Mediaeval Baebes by Elisa Mac.

I've never paid much attention to the Mediaeval Baebes before, but then new album The Huntress landed on my doormat and I listened, and was won over: look past the frou frou faux mediaeval stylings and this is great fun. Across two packed CD's worth of tracks, both old tunes and ancient texts set to self-penned music get the Baebes treatment - intriguing stories, atonal melodies, folk noodlings and plenty of glorious harmonies. For anyone interested in the intersection of classical music and mediaeval folk this will make an intriguing purchase. Founding Baebe Katharine Blake answers some questions about the creation of and inspiration behind The Huntress.

Mediaeval Baebes The Huntress
How have the Baebes changed over the years?
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