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Fashion East and NEWGEN Menswear Installations: London Fashion Week A/W Presentation Review

One of my favourite elements of London Fashion Week is sprinting around the Fashion East and NEWGEN menswear installations - so many incredible menswear designers in one place! Starring: Sibling, William Richard Green, Christopher Shannon, Kit Neale, Noki, T.Lipop, Sebastian Tarek and Christopher O'Brien…

Written by Matt Bramford

Sibling A/W 2012 by Gabriel Ayala

The Fashion East and NEWGEN installations were a riot of colour, innovation and design again this season. I always have the best intentions on menswear day to see everything - the schedule is quite thin in a morning and leads you into a false sense of security that you can casually amble around taking in every designer in your stride. Serenity soon turns to chaos about 1pm though - the installations open, they're rammed, and all of a sudden there are back-to-back catwalk shows dotted around town.

So in typical Matt stylee I raced around the installations in between shows, juggling my camera, a glass of plonk and a bunch of handouts in unison. Here's my whistle-stop tour of both the Fashion East and Newgen designers:

Christopher O'Brien
Christopher O'Brien's name wasn't one I'd heard of before, but I… read more

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