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Royal College of Art MA Degree Show 2011 Review: Architecture

Some really interesting architectural concepts from RCA graduates Bethany Wells, James Christian, Bethan Kay and Tom Lasbrey. Hard to find most of them online though...

Written by Amelia Gregory

RCA MA degree show 2011- Tom Lasbrey Com Dem Nation
A gilded vision of Com Dem Nation by Tom Lasbrey.

I don’t know much about the architectural world, web but I do know what I like. Here’s the graduate architects that caught my eye at the RCA show.

RCA MA degree show 2011-Bethany Wells Fairground Collective
Bethany Wells considered societal problems such as the threat to higher education in her Fairground Collective project – I was amused to see my friend Mike Grenville of Transition Towns get a mention. She aims to open up the high street as a place of public dialogue, ailment action and play – making the most of underused urban spaces.

RCA MA degree show 2011-James Christian's Free [Tr]aid
James Christian‘s Free [Tr]aid looked at the consequence of a reversed imperialism where the UK’s international aid is privatised. To earn aid partner nations would have to run small territories of their own on British soil – for his purposes located somewhere between the North Circular and the Brent Reservoir! His final piece explored the ensuing cultural tensions (you bet!) Is a thin facade of socialist rhetoric enough to conceal the high capitalism lurking within? he asks. Sadly the website on his business card is not yet working.

RCA MA degree show 2011-Underdog Urbanism Bethan KayRCA MA degree show 2011-Underdog Urbanism Bethan Kay
Bethan Kay looked at the concept of Underdog Urbanism in Redbridge. How can this borough hold it’s own in the all important Global Cities Index? Buggered if I know what it means but it looked great – loved the gnomes nestled in plastic shrubbery to denote suburban pride. Follow Bethan Kay on Twitter.

RCA MA degree show 2011- Tom Lasbrey Com Dem Nation
I was immediately drawn towards Tom Lasbrey‘s golden architecture, buy created in laser cut golden glory. Con Dem Nation: The New Town Hall took as a starting point the coalition cuts in spending and asked whether resources might be better deployed into unfixed roving facilities in twinkling gold. A true flight of fancy borne out of the current situation. And soooo pretty to look at.


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  1. [...] liked the work by Tom Lasbrey. He used cut work to create his work. I have used an image from Amelia’s Magazine as I did not dare take any pictures in case they thought I would be stealing ideas ha! She has also [...]

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