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RCA MA degree show 2011-Alexander Groves
Sunglasses embedded with hair by Alexander Groves.

Having missed the press view last week I decided to drop in on the Royal College of Art degree exhibition on Tuesday evening. Despite checking times on the website I nearly came a cropper when I turned up to find that they were preparing for a private awards event and the gallery was closed to the public… luckily I used my wily journalistic charm to get in and managed to take a sneak peak around the exhibition – by far the best (in terms of layout) that I have seen so far. Although I did have to put up with the occasional query from a security guard who spotted I wasn’t one of the expected guests. The top floor housed a mix of Product Design and Textiles. Here’s the best of what I saw from Product Design.

RCA MA degree show 2011-Mijin ParkRCA MA degree show 2011-Mijin Park
Mijin Park had constructed some interesting chairs and bulbous plant holders out of woven leather and plastic.

RCA MA degree show 2011 Alexander Groves
Alexander Groves had made sunglasses out of hair – embedding it in coloured plastic. Fun!

RCA MA degree show 2011-Erik de Laurens
RCA MA degree show 2011-Erik de Laurens
Erik de Laurens implanted coloured fish plastic made of fish scales into a table top – apparently this is a waste product that could be put to better use. Follow Erik de Laurens on Twitter.

RCA MA degree show 2011-Pia Wustenberg
I really liked these extravagant pots made out of an assortment of different materials, sildenafil by Pia Wüstenberg of Pia Design.

The RCA Graduate Show continues until 3rd July so I highly recommend that you check it out. More write ups to follow shortly.

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