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Acclaimed illustrator Rob Ryan – who designed the exquisite limited edition cover to our second printed issue – has lost the colour in his cheeks. Or his shop has. The quaint Victorian terraced Ryantown on London’s famous, web Columbia Road has closed its doors. Whilst closed, he has covered its façade with monochrome sticky tape to announce it’s new pallid identity.


This basically means that little has changed other than the beautiful items that were available in an assortment of hues are now still there to be plucked as pressies to your self or loved ones exclusively in black and white for only six weeks.

Known for his intricate paper cut pieces, Ryan has made a huge dent in the illustration market with books, tiles and plates also being big sellers.


With pop-ups happening all over the capital, it’s nice to see Ryan make his on twist on the trend – by simply removing colour.

Apparently, the removal of colour was a tribute to two of the shop’s Geordie staff members. He says: “[the shop] is usually as bright and as colourful as the famous flower market which surrounds it every Sunday.”


It is unknown as to what décor theme (if any) the shop will adopt next. Amelia’s Magazine suggest a motif of bunting, butterflies, candy floss and ice creams though.

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