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Smooth As A Milkbbi’s Bottom

Remember Justin Wallis? He's an illustrator who lives in Arkansas and features in Amelia's Anthology of Illustration. He is ace. His new video is called Puppy Love.

Written by Sabrina Morrison

When given the choice to interview a few illustrators for Amelia’s Anthology of Illustration I snapped up Justin like a kid grabbing the last cookie off a plate. Not only was his work incredibly unique, illness using film, prostate photo, sculpture etc. But it managed to strike two divergent chords in me at the same. He was American, like me, but from the midwest….cue handsome cowboys with a fantastic drawl and impeccable phone manners (Yes, I too manage to summon archaic stereotypes in my own continent) Ironically though his work is filled with characters possessed of a candy sweet cheerfulness that I recall permeating absolutely everything during my time spent living in Japan. Justin Wallis epitomizes this innocence in lo-fi visual poetry.

His most recent video Puppy Love is based on a love letter he found, using basic drawing tools like markers to create his characters. We’re talkin’ serious hours of scribbling. Justin’s time consuming efforts yields a proclamation of love in a ‘Sega-style Japanese Dating Game’ kinda way whose sound track, ‘Save Time’ (created by beware) is equally as nintendo-y.

Justin works under the pseudonym Milkbbi, a mix of his high school nickname ‘milk’ and his love of 60′s flicks ‘where everyone called each other baby’. His images of doe-eyed cupcake heads and honeybee cartoons can occasionally make you ill at ease, in a Yoshitomo Nara kind of way. The kind of way that makes you feel jaded for being suspicious of all this togetherness of candy colored anthropomism with their dripping burger heads. Best of all it doesn’t fall into that slick, Warhol factory, end-up-on-a-LV-bag logo puking Murakami we love so much.

In some ways Justin is quite similar to a Japanese ‘otaku’, obsessively dedicated to an inner world of characters and relying enormously on technology to reach out of that world and connect to people beyond. Only in Justin’s case it’s a logistics thang not a social impairment. I mean, he has a pop-tart and banana-strawberry juice for breakfast, and his dog Lucy was saved from an abandoned house. Marriage material for sure!

MILKBBI ????? (PUPPY LOVE) from justin wallis on Vimeo.

You can see more of Justin’s work at his website here.


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