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Behold, the Cleggeron Riseth.

The hung parliament was always going to produce some interesting results - but no one could have predicted the bromance between Cameron and Clegg. Or the fun that illustrators would have with it.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Cameron and Clegg in bed together, by Antonia Parker.

Who watched the joint press conference given by David Cameron and Nick Clegg from the Downing Street back garden on 12th May 2010? Who else boggled at the back-slapping camaraderie of this sudden coalition? Within the space of just one week Cameron and Clegg have gone from flirtatious – or so it now seems, looking back – bickering to full on coitus. Watch them chuckle at each other’s jokes like old mates! See them smile lovingly at each other! Yes, I feared that a hung parliament would produce my least preferred coalition, but I never for one moment anticipated this classic bromance.

sandra dieckmann-lib-con love
Lib-Con Love by Sandra Dieckmann.

And I can’t help but think – how on earth is this love-in actually going to work? How many concessions will the Cleggeron make to keep the spark alive? These are interesting days, to be sure.

The opportunity to put out an open brief to picture this unholy union was just too irresistible. This then, is a blog devoted to the brilliance of illustrators. Enjoy.

The tandem by Bex Glover.

The Cleggeron-Lazarou Monkey Terror
The Cleggeron by Lazarou Monkey Terror.

Abi Daker - clegg - cameron
Illustration by Abigail Daker.

Camerlegg by Colourbox.

louise rowland-clegg cameron
Bathtime by Louise Rowland.

Krankies by Mel Simone Elliot.

Illustration by Reena Makwana.

Cleggcam by Tom Dench-Layton.

Surprise!! by Simon Wild.

Illustration by Pearl Law.

Illustration by Nikki Pinder.

If you fancy getting involved in my open callouts the best thing to do is follow me on twitter and get stuck in. Until the next one…


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