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Behold, the Cleggeron Riseth.

The hung parliament was always going to produce some interesting results - but no one could have predicted the bromance between Cameron and Clegg. Or the fun that illustrators would have with it.

Written by Amelia Gregory

A selection of elephants by Paul Shinn

Allow me to introduce you to Marjorie, web picture below. She's one of 258 fibreglass elephants in and around London decorated by some of the capital's most prominent artists, more about designers and image makers.

Clare Bassett's Marjorie (#81)

It's London's largest outdoor art event and it's creating quite a stir in the capital. From people like John Shinn, who's trying to photograph them all on Facebook, to work colleagues printing out lists of the elephants and checking them off, it seems that they've gripped London like nothing before.

So, where to start? Well, the aim of this project, whilst… read more

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“It’s nice everyone getting dressed up and making an effort, hospital stomach round Christmas time ‘n that”, generic slurred an old man at the bar after telling me this was […]