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Climate Camp London – Carbon Trading Weekend.

Arcola Theatre, London, March 21/22nd

Written by Cari Steel

By now you may have heard of Climate Camp In The City. If you live in London you might have seen the images plastered on doorways, walls and traffic light poles of the striking G20 sign.


If you are not aware of what is going on, head down to The City on April 1st to witness a very different City Of London taking shape. The clue is in the title, and the Camp’s plan is to transform the financial district “both symbolically and visually into a physical manifestation of our desired worlds.” In a nutshell, there will be some camping, there may be some dressing up, perhaps some theatre and definitely entertainment and spectacle. The issue is of course, a serious one. It will be coinciding with the G20 leaders arriving in London, who’s evaluation and response to climate issues have left much to be desired.

(image courtesy of Sachiko,

Climate Camps Carbon Trading Weekend is somewhat of a precursor to this upcoming event. Held at The Arcola Theatre in Dalston, the first day will focus on workshops, ” discussions on the problems with carbon trading, similarities with the financial crisis, carbon markets and forestry and how emissions trading in the EU paves the way for Kingsnorth and the 3rd Runway.” There will also be speakers discussing various issues – Oscar Reyes, environmental editor of Red Pepper magazine, and co-author of a forthcoming book on carbon trading will start the ball rolling. Tim Jones (author of the excellent blog “Where’s Tim“) will then discuss how this all relates to climate change struggles in the UK. Later, Jutta Kill of FERN (an organisition created in 1995 to keep track of the EU’s involvement in forests and co-ordinate NGO activities) will outline the issues of carbon markets, forestry and land issues, and how these will be dealt with in Copenhagen. Finally, Larry Lohmann, the author of ‘Carbon Trading‘ will be discussing carbon trading, climate justice, and the parallels with the financial crisis. Larry’s book takes case studies from 10 Third World countries such as Uganda, India, South Africa and Costa Rica and exposes the outcomes of their carbon ‘offset’ schemes.

(image courtesy of Sachiko,

Sunday’s aims are for action plans and training’s. I spoke with Michele, one of the organisers of the weekend, and asked about the itinerary. She explained that
“The idea is to be able to use the information we’ve learnt on the Saturday to inform our actions during the G20 action on April 1st and beyond. So the Sunday will be focusing on action planning and training.

There will be a brief legal training so we know what we can and can’t be charged with/questioned about/searched for/etc. There’ll be skill-sharing about issues like ways to calm situations down, holding a space and dealing with the police in different contexts. There will also be discussions about actions relevant to the G20 and throughout 2009. 

There will also be smaller training’s for people doing legal observing on the day and those interested in media messaging and tips. It will be a combination of small group and larger discussions. ”

There are spaces left for this event, and anyone wanting to sign up can email It promises to be an informative weekend, and best of all; it is free! Saturdays events run from 10 – 6 pm, and Sunday’s 12- 6 pm. If you don’t think you can make it down but are still interested in keeping abreast of Climate Camp activities, sign up to their twitter account here.

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