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Climate Rush invites Ed Miliband

Westminster, Tues 16th Dec 2008

Written by Amelia


With unduly brilliant timing the Climate Change secretary Ed Miliband called for a Suffragette-type movement to push forward political change on the very same day as the Plane Stupid Stansted protest.


“When you think about all the big historic movements, from the suffragettes, to anti-apartheid, to sexual equality in the 1960s, all the big political movements had popular mobilisation,” said Miliband, quoted in the Guardian on December 8th. “Maybe it’s an odd thing for someone in government to say, but I just think there’s a real opportunity and a need here.” So, in the spirit of the Suffragettes we at Climate Rush thought it would be nice gesture to invite Ed Miliband and some of his governmental cohorts along to Dinner at Departures, at Heathrow on the 12th January at 7pm. (Terminal One, y’all) After all, shouldn’t he be supporting us?


So, today I toddled off to Westminster to meet my fellow Climate Rushers with the aim of hand-delivering a few invites to our Dinner, which is, of course, open to all. Tamsin was instantly recognised by a ‘friendly bobby‘ who merrily told us that the last time he saw her was on the top of Parliament.


Photocall with the Evening Standard done we headed off to Downing Street. Which was when we realised that hand delivering invites is clearly worthy of police intimidation; two coppers were soon tailing our every move.


Maybe they felt it was a good use of tax payer’s money to capture the features of our youngest recruit, who delivered a festive invite for Gordon Brown. (why not invite them all?!)



Next up was Ed Miliband himself, over at the Department of Energy and Climate Change. We weren’t allowed much further than reception, but had time to admire the big TV screen showing images of penguins and cute seals (endangered….. ahhhh) and oil rigs (hmmmm) I hope he gets his invite.


On our way up to see Geoff Hoon over at the Department for Transport (who will make the final decision over whether the 3rd runway goes ahead) we passed a hair salon with an entirely appropriate name.


For some reason the security guards seemed a bit wary of us, making sure that the door was firmly closed and bolted when we delivered the invite.


Not so over at Defra, where environment secretary Hilary Benn‘s personal secretary came down to meet us in reception and accept the invite – she asked who she could rsvp to and we realised we hadn’t included an address – woops! Perhaps we weren’t quite expecting such personal attention.


We have done our best to invite the people we think should come to our Dinner at Departures – the people who will ultimately decide whether a new runway goes ahead. Now it’s up to you to make your own statement about what you think should happen – join us, dress Edwardian, and bring food to share. More information can be found here and on facebook here.



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6 Responses to “Climate Rush invites Ed Miliband”

  1. dave hampton says:

    Absolutely brilliant – well done. Love all the smiles – especially on the policemen!

    This is the way to change the world, with grace, style, beauty, and buckets of tenacity and courage.

    My warmest congrats and appreciation to you all.


  2. Imoran says:

    Nice photos.PFP

  3. James says:


    If you’ve been in town Christmas shopping of late you’ve no doubt seen them, quoting frightening scripture and warning all and sundry that the great tribulation is at hand – it’s the Christian ‘end timers’. “Civilisation is fast approaching a point of no return,” I’m told as I’m handed the ‘Signs of the Second Coming’ leaflet. “Food will become scares. Economies collapse. Unstoppable global warming will cause the forests to burn and the fish to die in polluted seas” so the leaflet goes,”all symptoms of God’s judgement on a sinful world, soon to pass away”. Hardly tidings of comfort and joy!
    Being a faith-based environmentalist with a penchant for direct action against the root causes of climate change I can’t go along with such fatalistic ‘end time’ twaddle. There’s little doubt that global warming is on course to be a huge problem. We need only look at the Arctic, which is melting so fast scientists at NASA now believe it will be an ice-free ocean as early as 2013.How big an event will this be? Well the last time we had watery emptiness at the top of the globe was over 3.3million years ago during the Mid Pliocene Epoch.But rather than take such a doom-laden ‘end time’ approach Christians should take a leaf out of Tamsin Omond’s book and act to try and change the course of history.
    Human-induced climate change is a product of man’s exploitative greed (trust men) – in biblical terms ‘part of the pattern of this world’. Christians should see the suffering done to the poor, wildlife and the environment and tell our dithering politicians – WE WON’T STAND for emissions concessions to the world’s biggest polluters, WE WON’T STAND for third runways and a new generation of coal-fired power stations and WE DEMAND a ‘green new deal’ with jobs and investment in a sustainable future.
    Maybe the effects of climate change CAN be seen as part of God’s judgement in that if God wasn’t judging it, then we could abuse the environment to any degree and it wouldn’t have any detrimental effect – God would have blessed our actions. If we accept it’s a judgement then we should treat it as a warning and change our behaviour. If we think we can fix it purely with human effort we’ll probably get disillusioned. But if we do nothing on the grounds that our Saviour will return and fix everything then we’re not actually living in faith.
    ‘James 2:26′ tells us “So then as the body without the spirit is dead, so also faith without actions is dead” or put another way, faith is the environment in which actions take place. In my case – well that would be direct action.

  4. Don says:

    Christians supporting climate change – yes, this is faith based indeed, like W’s faith based initiative in the US – flies in the face of facts. Greenland is colder, and there is more ice in some polar parts. Read Piers Corbyn on the effects of the sun – before we get eschatological and hysterical.
    BTW, I used to attend Tamsin’s church, before it turned into a house of worship for rich chains smoking lesbians.
    Satan appears as an angel of light, while in reality he creates chaos and deflects attention from real causes. This 23-year-old attention seeker is best ignored. Real environmental sites, such as will give you facts and figures, without disrupting people’s holidays. Bear in mind the arrogance of Tamsin Omond and her crew of lawbreakers when they just ridiculed people’s cries – such as the woman who could not get to her father’s wake when Tamsin held up Stansted. Then, when the protesters were not allowed to fly under bail conditions, they protested! They WANTED to get on planes and see their families, but screw the rest of the world.
    Some Christians…and why are so many of you wearing the environmentally destructive cotton, which is a water consuming, pesticide using monocrop – a favourite of big business? Protest and show your Christianity by wearing hemp.

  5. Amelia says:

    To Don, above
    I have published your comment despite you clearly being completely nuts – what the hell has Tamsin being a lesbian and a christian got to do with her choice to be an activist?! And FYI – we CARE about the planet, that is why we are doing what we do. I’m not a christian, and neither are most of the others who are involved. Stop regurgitating what you read in the gutter press – we are all ordinary people who have decided to make a stand against climate change – which is real by the way – try reading 6┬║Degrees by Mark Lynas if you want to get your facts straight before Monday, and we’ll see you at the airport.
    Noone goes on “holiday” from London to Manchester. Flying within the UK is a selfish and unnecessary act.

  6. Ken says:

    Amelia -
    you attack Don for his observations, which are not regurgitations from the press, but are first hand. Real activists are plowing away -researching, networking, doing the hard work that does not get into the press, which you deride. I would agree with your judgement of it as gutter – but for the reason that it gives so much attention to style over substance acts like Tamsin’s – string quartets and climate camps – but ignore real evidence.
    BTW, are you even bothering to wear hemp – or are you in the cotton wearing, soya consuming brigade? Practice what you preach; better yet, take the time to learn by reading.
    The insinuation that those at Stansted are only travelling from London to Manchester is wrong, you cannot call them selfish without knowing more about their itineraries etc.
    Personally, I have not flown in 9 years, I do not even own a car, and of course, I do wear and eat hemp – and use hemp paper, which is much better than tree based paper – what do you use?

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