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‘Jolie Fleur’: In My Garden I am Queene by Fleur Oakes

at Prick Your Finger

Written by Roisin Conway

The beautiful window display this month at Prick Your Finger is bound to catch the eye of even the most unobservant passer-by; Fleur Oakes has embroidered a corset by with mystical and magical creatures and symbols that is bound to have the whole of Bethnal Green gaping.
(front view of corset)

In My Garden I am Queene is a stitched homage to yester-year; Fleur sourced the corset pattern from 1585, and the style and many of the techniques were those used in the 17th century, even it’s name is a play on a quote from Pre-raphealite painter Burne- Jones.
The past echoes through the piece from these aesthetic choices to the vintage kid gloves lining whose ghostly fingers that hang down in macabre decoration.
(back view with faggot stitch detail)

The corset is lovingly embroidered with intricate flowers, lace moths, eyes, a magnificent menagerie of bizarre creatures with some of the best names in the history of mytho-zoology, taken from the book ‘House of the Spirits’ by Isabelle Allende. A modern novel that still manages to fit into the quintessentially Elizabethan feel of the piece.
(1 of 6 moths all in needle lace, they take 3 hours to make.)

Personal favourties here at Amelia’s Magazine HQ are the Marbat- a combination of marsupial with bat wings, the Maladapard – a mallard’s head with a leopard’s body (of course) and this chap: the Boarfinch.
(Boarfinch detail in long and short stitch)

Fleur’s work really needs to be seen to be believed, so head down to Prick Your Finger for a peek and to pick up one of Fleur’s embroidered buttons.
(Fleur Oakes embroidered buttons on sale now)

For all you embroidery aficionados more specific details about technique, the lovely staff at Prick Your Finger will be more than happy to oblige .

Prick Your Finger, 260 Globe Road, London.


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2 Responses to “‘Jolie Fleur’: In My Garden I am Queene by Fleur Oakes”

  1. Lora says:

    This looks amazing! I had no idea there was an embroidery gallery in London, I’ll be sure to check it out… thank you!

  2. Ben Macleod says:

    What stunning work! This really is an example of exquisite artistry rarely seen in this era. With modern talent commonly lacking in any real depth, creativity or inspiration, it is refreshing, to say the least, to find displays of authentic, skillful hand crafted beauty. Well done Fleur for your consistent and diligent approach to being a true fashion pioneer.

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