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London Fashion Week S/S 2011 Catwalk Review: Pierre Garroudi

A review with sketches of a super fabulous and super blue show at Arch 6 on Crucifix Lane near Guy’s Hospital.

Written by Jenny Robins

pierre garroudi – lfw – ss11 – sketch – jenny robins
pierre garroudi - lfw - ss11 - illustration - jenny robins
Illustration by Jenny Robins

The crowd for Pierre Garroudi’s London Fashion Week Haute Couture Collection SS11 show was super eclectic for sure. And the entire collection was even surer super electric blue. The venue was under Arch 6 on Crucifix Lane near Guy’s Hospital. Back stage there was definite drippage and industrial damp, more about but the exhibition space was very bright with expressionist paintings randomly placed on the walls. I was able to nab a seat on the photographers’ steps at the end, so I could see the catwalk in entirety.

pierre garroudi - lfw - ss11 - sketch crowd - jenny robins
Sketch of the crowd pre-show…

So into my optimal view came 22 models all with amazing sculptural hair pieces or hats and shoes that had been adorned with a variety of items most often plastic flowers but also toe dividers, combs, chopsticks, plastic guns and snakes and god knows what else all painted the same uniform metallic grey as the shoes.

Here are my catwalk sketches:

pierre garroudi - lfw - ss11 - sketch - jenny robins
pierre garroudi - lfw - ss11 - sketch - jenny robins
pierre garroudi - lfw - ss11 - sketch - jenny robins

In fact the hair, accessories and shoes outperformed the clothes for me on all but a few standout outfits. The nautical themed hair especially took my breath away, a hammerhead shark, enormous steam ships and all, there was a feeling of immense Regency powdered wig to some and Tribal head-dress to others. One model even had a mini ferris wheel on her head. The jewellery was likewise regal and eclectic, incorporating more found items, buttons and feathers. Here are some photos taken on my Blackberry, I felt comicly under endowed sitting with all the real photographers, but then, they didn’t have sketchbooks as, erm, full as mine.

pierre garroudi - lfw - ss11

Garroudi has clearly created this show with some amazing collaborative talent in the hair; cards were given out by Zed Nevada, for bespoke hair styling but I’m not sure if the other hair stylists listed were with him or separate, I also met Jan Knibbs who had collaborated on some of the neck pieces.

pierre garroudi - lfw - ss11 blue

The dresses themselves were mostly made up of intricately textured and folded fabrics and ribbons, at worst these did look like bathmats draped on the models, but at best there were some really beautiful pieces. Almost all backless and whatever the technical fashion word is for exhibiting side boob, with exciting sculptural things going on around the shoulders. I think the most successful dresses were those that used a more classical shape and incorporated it into the intricate fabric structures, a particularly crowd and Jenny pleasing outfit combined a sort of romantic crepe cape garment with an enormous layered tutu skirt. Stunning.

pierre garroudi - lfw - ss11 blue

I did mention right that all of these items were entirely electric blue? I’m sure you can see that from the pictures of course but I feel like it needs re-stating. So nice to see colour when our shops are full of the AW10 universally grey palettes I suppose. Last year, Garroudi’s show in the same space was entirely white, obviously when he decides to do a colour theme, he really does. Even the blue mini cupcakes were being handed out by beautiful impeccably suited gentlemen with blue in their hair.

I feel like I should make some kind of pun about having the blues. But that would be inappropriate. This is a happiness blue, a positive and fun collection, with the plastic bits and buttons incorporated it’s reminiscent of dressing up one’s Barbie doll in things found round the house, then spraying her fluorescent blue of course. Mum might not be best pleased at what you did to her bath mat of course.


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8 Responses to “London Fashion Week S/S 2011 Catwalk Review: Pierre Garroudi”

  1. Che Hector says:

    I also attended the Pierre Garroudi show and while I agree with you that the hair did draw attention away from the dresses I must disagree with your review on the whole.

    You described his dresses as looking like “bathmats draped on the models,” …..Unnecessarily mean.

    While I did think the hair might have been more impressive than some of the dresses I must remind you that this is Couture. No one wearing these gowns is going be wearing there hear in a ponytail or any other everyday style. High fashion and Couture is about Fantasy and creating an artistic vision….which i think Pierre successfully did.

  2. Sophie says:

    Pierre Garroudi, didn’t do any of the hair, or accessories, and most garments were made up by his Interns. Without them he would not have a show. I even heard he was trying to sell tickets for a certain amount of money. All a bit too desperate in my opinion.

  3. I thought the hair rocked!

    The hair which stood out the most to me was by Michael Barnes – he never fails to deliver – Amazing!

  4. goonermichael says:

    Pierre is a genius :)

  5. Samantha says:

    I absolutely love this collection, the colour is so poignant and the illustration really come alive.

  6. Karine says:

    I think his collection is great, it is very different then others and that’s how it is orginal

  7. Fae says:

    Not to be unessicarily rude or cruel, however fashion as a whole whether you wish to label it “coture” or “art” has become rather hideous. I understand the artist has a vision and all that as I sketch and draw quite a bit myself however, art such as this seems as though it would be best to stay on paper and off of bodies. the hair is large and well… blue as a smurfs behind to be blunt, and the dresses arent something youd see at a gathering or party of any kind much less on the streets. fashion designers need to go back to practical, i mean artsy designes are nice and all but i think theyre taking it a bit overboard.

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