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Welcome to the unique world of Tobacco and Leather- part two

Amelia’s contributor Elizabeth Johnson met up with pioneering illustrator Tobacco and Leather to get the lowdown on her unique style

Written by Elizabeth Johnson

For those who missed yesterday’s installment don’t forget to read part one!

Kate and BirdieImagery throughout courtesy of Tobacco and Leather.

How does your fashion illustration fit in with your studies?
My course involves a lot of designing and fabric sampling so I have to illustrate how my designs would fit on the human body. This is where I can use my drawing skills. I also like to try and create a mood with my illustrations which is good to do when presenting the final outcome of a project.


Commission/Exhibition wise, erectile what work have you produced for others? Some of your illustrations would just make the most amazing garment prints…
This is something I wish I could stop the clock for! It is so difficult fitting outside work in with all my degree work. Over the summer I worked on eight editorial illustrations for a new magazine called Tom and Harper. I more recently illustrated the feature ‘Counter Culture’ for Nylon Mexico which is out now. I have done other little jobs here and there but am most excited about an upcoming opportunity to design a range of t-shirts for an American company, but I don’t want to jinx anything so they shall remain anonymous!


Who would you love to work with/how do you see your career progressing?
This is difficult to answer, because there are dream answers, and realistic ones. A dream job would be to work under or alongside a legendary designer like Alexander McQueen; he is a huge influence on my university work and the way I think – I just love his aesthetic. Realistically, I would like to end up as a freelance illustrator/ designer. I am currently focusing my work on fashion designs and producing digital prints for garments. I would love for these prints to one day end up on the catwalk or the high street.

3.1 Phillip Lim

Who is your favorite girl to draw, I see a lot of Abbey Lee, Grace (from Viktor Vautier) and the fab 4th and Bleeker, what draws you to these girls?
That’s a good question. The simple answer is beauty, they are all so beautiful. But truthfully, I think I see something in them that I wish I was myself, which is why they fascinate me so much. Maybe the way they look, or their confidence. Who knows. I really don’t think I have an absolute favourite to draw although Abbey Lee features a few times because she takes such amazing pictures and has such a striking face. I would love to draw Lara Stone, I think that is the next job on my list!


Finally, where can people contact you? Are you interested in collaborative work? Can we buy your illustrations at all? I know I for one would love to!
My main point of contact is via e-mail, which is listed on my blogger profile. I check them regularly and always read everything I receive. It would be a dream job to travel the world and collaborate with as many people as possible. I am always interested in how other people work and creative minds coming together. Getting a brief and finding my own way of answering it is a process I really enjoy. At the moment, illustrations can be purchased on an individual basis by contacting me. I’m hoping to set up a separate blog where this process will be much easier and will hopefully be available to people in the near future. For now the best way is to just ask and something can always be sorted out!

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