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Welsh artist of the Year, Philippa Lawrence

Written by Tanya Geddes

Free Range has been showcasing the very latest in design, pilule dosage photography, art and interiors for the last 8 weeks, giving fresh student talent a platform to strut their stuff. Sadly, however, all good things must come to an end and so, with a heavy heart, we went along for our last opportunity to get inspired (and tipsy off free wine!)

It was a bit of a free for all in Free Range's final week. Whereas all the past weeks had been categorized by artistic discipline, this week saw a melting pot of illustration, art, graphics, photography, textiles... you name it, it was there. This was great as the last Free Range fix of the year, but not so easy to sum up in one neat and tidy blog entry.

Our first stop was the Bournemouth Arts Institute BA hons Photography exhibition (it's catchy title of 'Chirp' perhaps drawing us in). Here we wondered at Nathaniel Gaskell's silver gelatin prints. The silently scientific black and white images of strangely crusted spheres had us begging the question; 'Is it a tiny microbe viewed through a microscope? Or a huge planet viewed through a telescope?' Either way (or neither way) this enigmatic series… read more

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