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An interview with the Smoke Fairies

Smoke fairies play the guitar with their eyes closed, and sing like heavenly creatures. The Sussex girls have toured with artists such as Bryan Ferry and Laura Marling. I caught them after they'd just completed their own headline tour. Here's my interview with Smoke Fairies.

Written by Helen Martin

 Georgia Coote
Illustration by Georgia Coote

You may have seen my review of Smoke Fairies, with Sea of Bees supporting, last month in Bristol. 'I’m telling you when they play together live on stage, it feels, well… I will have to use a simile – here follows: You know that advert for Ireland, when the lady is singing in her Enya (is it her?) voice and the camera is sweeping over the ridiculously green fields and coastlines of Ireland? A bit cringe but you get the image, it feels like you are the sweeper – as in you are sweeping/flying over amazing landscapes. Possibly wearing some tweed, definitely a cape with a hood. The music is more The Cranberries than Enya, but the flying sensation fits.' I was lucky enough to get hold of Katherine and Jessica, just as their tour finished. I asked them a whole bunch of questions, on a range of subjects; from Jack White to New Orleans and Sussex.

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Music Interview with Zohra Atash of Religious To Damn

Described as pretty gypsy, garage psych. Me neither. However this description does surprisingly make sense when you listen to Religious to Damn. Here is my interview with the lead singer; Zohra Atash.

Written by Helen Martin

Religious to Damn Illustration by Gemma Smith Religious to Damn‘s lead singer is Zohra Atash, a cool lady with a batwingged 70s style, a voice a bit like Alison Goldfrapp […]

Bryan Ferry: Dylanesque

Bryan Ferry: Dylanesque

6 March 2007

Written by Emyr Price

Bryan Ferry covering Dylan… Sounds awful doesn’t it. After all, Dylan has been covered countless times before, and save a few notable exceptions (Hendrix and The Byrds), they have all […]