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Festival Review: Primavera Sound

Our sunkissed contributor reports from the frontlines of Spains biggest music festival, and discovers bands that drove her wild, the second coming of Kurt Cobain (maybe) and a few acts that should be put out to pasture.

Written by Laura Lotti

Natalie Rae graduated from London College of Fashion this year with a BA in fashion design. The designer caught my attention for her stance on the use of fur in the fashion industry and her use of embroidery to create stunning textures on the oversized 1980's inspired jackets. Speaking to Natalie provided an insight in the difficulties that await any designer branching out into sustainable fashion design. With this fantastic collection Natalie blows apart the long held assumption that sustainable fashion has no place on the catwalk, discount hospital proving you can be both sustainable and innovative, if you are prepared to research and work hard to find those ethically and sustainable fabrics and practices.

What was the starting point for your collection?

Before embarking on my initial research for my collection concepts, I knew I wanted all of my ideas to centre around sustainability. To be conscious of how I would be producing my garments, using only organic or recycled materials as… read more

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Festival Preview: Bestival & Camp Bestival

A look at two of Britain's more interesting festivals, taking place every year on the south coast

Written by Ian Steadman

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If you try to describe this to someone (which you shouldn’t, this web sales don’t give anything away), doctor medications you will sound like you are conjuring from memory a […]