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Live: The Leisure Society

The Sleeper, Photos and video by Barbara Mattivy

Written by Andrea Stoker/Barbara Mattivy

Most music lovers have certain labels that they follow, information pills price awaiting releases, viagra 100mg excited by the new directions the people behind these labels have chosen to take. Warp and Planet Mu are two such labels for myself. Years of solid, this web progressive releases have meant I trust their taste - and once again, I think they may have succeeded.

Tim Exile's new album bends and shifts between tracks, layering genres from trip-hop to jungle with aspects of punishing techno all combined with stiffly melodic vocals hanging over the top of it all. Each track rolls around almost drunkenly, though perpetually rolling forward - something only possible through the albums astounding production.


There is something about the vocals that don't strike me as… read more

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