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Greenpeace need your help to find 100,000 owners for Airplot by May 1st!

Anna Jones has been working on the Greenpeace campaign to stop the Third Runway being built at Heathrow. We find out why the Airplot campaign is so important to her in the run up to the General Election.

Written by Amelia Wells

Alternative Fashion Week Day 5 2010 Immani da silva
Alternative Fashion Week Day 5 2010 Waltham Forest College
All photography by Amelia Gregory.

Born in Brazil but resident of Milan, case Cristiane Chaves brought us a 'subliminal message of seduction from Italy' with her Cyberwitch look. A google search on this designer throws up an intriguing website Temporary Label, visit web which suggests that Cristiane puts a lot of thought into the execution of her work, more about using dissolvable labels that remove all trace of the original designer's input. I think you'd want to remember who'd designed these highly accomplished draped and roped garments if you managed to get your paws on one.

Alternative Fashion Week Day 5 2010 Cristiane Chavesread more

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