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Tom Foulsham-The Table that can Tell Stories And Other Contraptions

An intriguing insight into the workings of mechanisms, everyday science and the interaction and play between machine and spectator

Written by Valerie Pezeron

Tom2Man Making Machine © Tom Foulsham

Minnie Weisz’s studio, online a one-storey alcove of delightfully quirky art concealed underneath Kings Cross’s railway arches, is currently harboring the perfect antidote to the last-minute Christmas shopping overdose. Artist, designer, engineer and inventor Tom Foulsham currently exhibits a series of machines that defy easy categorization since his work is a fine blend of sculpture, architecture and installation art. The perfect interaction between all the different parts constitutes the core of elaborate systems that dazzle by their sheer ingenious flair and complexity.

CIMG1402Tom Foulsham Wiggle Table Photograph © Valerie Pezeron

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