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The Museum Of Everything – A Diamond In The Rough

Primrose Hill, London

Written by Jessica Stokes

First it was Gap, click then Primark, and suddenly every shop on the high street was being accused of exploiting third world workers in Asia , Africa or even Eastern Europe during the 1990s up until today. The British high street rapidly became synonymous with “cheap clothes, cheap labour”. But what can we do about it? After all, we can’t all afford designer garb or find chic vintage pieces, the likes of Topshop and H&M are to an extent our only choice. However, in recent years the publicity and focus on fair trade has increased dramatically, as well as a push to improve wages and working conditions. As clothing manufacturers attempt to clean up the face of British fashion. One key factor behind this move has been the Clean Up Fashion project, working closely with the Labour Behind the Label coalition. Responding to the sense that, now, more than ever, society wants to know what is happening behind the scenes in order to make to change our current lifestyle of endless consumption. The Clean up Fashion website hopes to target companies who have made no steps towards better working conditions and pressure them into making the required changes.

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