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:Kinema: – Interview

Talking to an indie-dance band from the south coast, who peddle an exciting brand of pop that matches brain to boogie

Written by Ian Steadman

Hailing from Brighton, :Kinema: (yes, those colons are an intentional and integral part of the band's name) haven't been around for long but have already managed to put out a series of warm and smart poptacular indie tracks that insist - nay, demand - a trip to the dancefloor. I dropped lead singer Dominic a line to find out more about them, and he cheerfully responded to my questions with admirable depth and dedication. Nice one, Dominic. Let's take it away:

Hello there. Can you introduce yourselves and the rest of the band?

Dominic Ashton, singer, at your service, then we also have Ross Flight on Keytar and synths and on guitar Andy James Nelson.

Lovely. Describe yourselves and the music you make for us.

Musically the phrase 'Dancefloor Romance' feels right. In more familiar terms you could say we are a soulful, electronic pop band.

Interesting self-description there, 'dancefloor romance' - that's a phrase that really reminds me of Franz Ferdinand's declaration that they wanted to make 'music that girls can dance to'. They were at… read more

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Yuck (plus others) at Notting Hill Arts Club – Live Review

Yuck are a band with a really awful name that will probably hold them back, but their music and their live show is undeniably worth checking out

Written by Ian Steadman

Photo by Paul Bridgewater Why is that gigs are so rarely in the afternoon? RoTa, the free and frequent event put on at Notting Hill Arts Centre by Rough Trade […]


Fanfare for Fanfarlo

Album Review

Written by Roisin Conway and Cari Steel

Fanfarlo‘s album Reservoir opens with pianos that rise up like the morning sun, lush and warm. Their songs unravel like stories that balance between light and dark; definitely melancholic but […]

A Touch of Finn-esse: An Interview with The Dø

A Treat for Your Ears

Written by Roisin Conway

The Dø are Dan Levy and Olivia B. Merilahti, who luckily for our ears found each other and started making pop music for fun whilst working on a soundtrack together. […]


We Are All Fired Up For LoveLikeFire!

New Album, Interview

Written by Cari Steel

The Californian cool kids that make up LoveLikeFire are ready to hit the ground running with their new single “William“. Soon to follow will be “Tear Ourselves Away“, which will […]


Crystal Stilts – Departure

Released 9th February, Angular Records

Written by Prudence Ivey

Over the past year or so, we’ve had Crystal Castles, Crystal Antlers, Crystal Fighters, now enter Crystal Stilts. Why all these bands seem to have replaced good old ‘the’ with […]


Throwing Up, Male Bonding, Screaming Tea Party

Barden's Boudoir, Saturday 24th January

Written by Prudence Ivey

Perhaps, considering they’ve practically all played together at various points over the past few years, it’s not all that surprising that the three bands on Saturday night’s bill had quite […]


First Aid Kit

Drunken Trees EP, Released 23rd February

Written by Melanie Harrison

Feel your modern cynicism just fall away as First Aid Kit‘s new EP begins. Drunken Trees summons folk songs of yesteryear and golden-tinged days-gone-by, the ultimate antidote to credit crunchiness […]


Music Listings

26th January - 1st February

Written by Prudence Ivey

Monday 26th January Lucky Dragons, Luminaire, London Pretentious blurb going on about birthing fragile networks of digital signals or whatever but don’t be put off as it should be an […]


White Lies

Thekla, Bristol

Written by Melanie Harrison

Bristol’s Thekla is a down-with-the-kids venue by anyone’s standards. The ship is moored in a floating harbour, featured in Skins, has been played by Massive Attack and was once graffitied […]

Menomena: Friend and Foe

Menomena: Friend and Foe

Release date: 3 September 2007, City Slang Records

Written by Emyr Price

Aided in no uncertain terms by a show stopping performance at Texas’ recent South By Southwest festival, Portland three-piece Menomena present their debut UK release. This is in fact the […]

Field Day

Field Day

Victoria Park, East London, 11 August 2007

Written by Matthew Bramford

Glorious weather, a cracking line up and one of London’s most picturesque locations, Field Day in Victoria Park on Saturday could have been a ‘festival’ to rival any other. It […]

Tuung: Good Arrows: Full Time Hobby

Tuung: Good Arrows: Full Time Hobby

Release date: 20 August 2007

Written by Marcus O'dair

Though they pulled it off incredibly well live, Tunng have always sounded like a studio project, hence the nu- / laptop- / future- folk albatross that’s plagued them from the […]

Cherry Ghost: Thirst For Romance

Cherry Ghost: Thirst For Romance

Released on: 9 July 2007, Heavenly Records

Written by William Hitchins

It’s always a danger to be overly vocal about your influences, it invariably leads people to compare you to those you have cited as inspiration, and with a band name […]

The Twilight Sad: And She Would Darken The Memory

The Twilight Sad: And She Would Darken The Memory

FatCat Records, Release Date: 2 July 2007

Written by Harry Shiel

The Twilight Sad are all over it, reeling in plaudits from all and sundry, both here and over the pond. They deserve it too. Singer James Graham just sounds so […]



Koko, Camden, London, 26 June 2007

Written by Joanna McGarry

There are some bands that we like to keep for ourselves, a secret bond that guarantees the intimacy of a small venue for live shows and the all important notion […]

Family Day Out: The Broken Family Band

Family Day Out: The Broken Family Band

The Windmill, Brixton, 9 June 2007

Written by Matt Bramford

Okay, so the Windmill in Brixton isn’t the kind of venue you’d want to see Beyonce play (and I have it on good authority that if you did want to […]

Los Campesinos!

Los Campesinos!

The Point, Cardiff, 4 June 2007

Written by Emyr Price

Cardiff’s beautiful and in my opinion best venue, The Point is more than 3/4 full this evening. For a band that had released just one single before today this is […]

Grizzly Bear & Gravenhurst

Grizzly Bear & Gravenhurst

Scala, London, 21 May 2007

Written by Marco Barbieri

There’s a lot of new music around at the moment, including a small number of bands that stand out from the crowd because of the beauty of their songs: Grizzly […]

A Hawk And A Hacksaw

A Hawk And A Hacksaw

Bush Hall, London, 11 May 2007

Written by Marco Barbieri

Living in London isn’t all that bad. Back in my hometown a concert by A Hawk and a Hacksaw would probably never have happened and in case it did take […]