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A Crude Awakening shuts down Coryton Oil Refinery

Our addiction to oil is a major cause of climate change and creates all sorts of climate injustice. That's why it's important that we draw attention to the problem. Here's a personal account of the Crude Awakening action on Saturday 16th October, from someone who took part.

Written by Sophia Coles-Riley

Crude Awakening photo by Amelia Gregory
Gathering at Waterloo Station. Photo by Amelia Gregory.

It's the day of the Crude Awakening. I walk into Waterloo station on Saturday morning and spot a few familiar faces. We wander around trying to look nonchalant, giving each other secret smiles. Some people manage to look more discreet and 'normal' than others; standing in a group to one side of me is a fabulous gaggle of drag queen laundry ladies, all answering to the name of Dot. (A few weeks ago police turned up at a few activists' houses and were spotted searching them for clothes that matched those worn by people at the Climate Swoop at Ratcliffe on Soar coal fired power station last year. The Space Hijackers' Laundry ladies were on hand to give people “an instant restyling that the police fashion hounds were not able to keep up with”.) Suddenly, a little after 10am we give up on the nonchalance and things start to happen. A large collection of 'oil' spattered white jackets appear as if from nowhere, legal observers handed out 'bust cards' with useful… read more

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