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Guerilla Gardening – the community led action

Getting the lowdown on the grassroots action taking place in a suburb near you.

Written by Sally Mumby-Croft

Earlier this year, this site The Canalside Environment Group initiated an act of guerilla gardening in a North Oxford resident’s estate. Amelia’s Magazine spoke to Moira regarding the reasons behind the action.

All Illustrations by http://Katy Gromball

How and where did the idea for the Guerilla Gardening come about?

One of our members read about the concept and brought the idea to the group. We are an environmental action group and loved the idea of not waiting for the 'authorities' to brighten up wasteland areas. Instead taking it into our own hands by doing something to brighten up an area for the community.

We chose to plant bulbs as we like the idea of them emerging in the spring with many people enjoying them but not knowing how they got there. We also planted a fruit tree that in time we hope will yield fruit that can be picked and shared by the local community. We had some money available in our funds from a… read more

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