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Food from the Sky: Growing food on top of a Supermarket in Crouch End

Meet the supermarket with a difference: Thornton's Budgens in Crouch End hosts a greenhouse and garden on its roof, and the food which is grown is sold in the shop downstairs. Could this be the future of all supermarkets? Inspiring stuff.

Written by Zofia Walczak

Food from the Sky by Sam Parr
Food from the Sky by Sam Parr.

It’s a stiflingly hot day in Crouch End as my friends and I venture into Thornton's Budgens and, approved feeling slightly stupid, ask one of the cashiers how we can get onto the roof. He smiles and immediately takes us to a staircase supported by scaffolding in the car park at the back, with a notice cheerfully asking everyone to take up a box of compost. As we get to the top, a sea of different kinds of sun drenched greenery opens up, with volunteers already gathered at a wooden picnic table in one corner, discussing how best to get started on the greenhouse we’ve come here to build.

Food from the Sky by Claire Bryne
Food from the Sky by Claire Bryne.

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