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Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration launch party illustrations: meet Joana Faria

Joana Faria hails from Portugal, where by day she works as an art director. She drew Alex Cox of Don't Panic, Francesca Salih of Forward PR, Holly Ladd of Make Lemonade, Johann Chan of Digital Arts Magazine, Michaela of Tantrum Magazine, Sarah Scribbles, Nikki Nakki Lou and Siam Goorwich.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Sarahs_Scribbles_by Joana Faria
It was a delight to meet Sarah Williams of Sarah Scribbles, who is a prolific tweeter and blogger.

Ahhhh, the lovely Joana Faria. She came to the ACOFI launch event all the way from Portugal, where she works in advertising as an art director. As a relative newbie to the world of fashion illustration she has developed an impressive style very quickly - stick thin figures sport impressively large hair and big eyes that emphasise the architecture of an outfit. Here's her contributions to the great ACOFI illustrated launch party.

Alex Cox_ by Joana Faria
I love Alex Cox's big bushy eyebrows. He interviewed me for Don't Panic.

Francesca_salih_by Joana Fariaread more

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